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Almost all of our projects are unique works of art, all with their own individual challenges and requirements. We love to share the work we do and you can see many of the projects we have worked on here.

The Strat Branding Icon

When it comes to large, iconic branding sculptures, Blue Tree Art leads the way in innovative logistic solutions, and best-in-class fabrication. Both of these attributes were exhibited in this large structure that will be displayed on the casino floor in the beautiful Strat hotel and casino.

Creation of the Strat Brand Icon

Unique Design

When we begin work on a new project, we start in the design process. We don't simply focus on a beautiful and engaging design, but also consider things like weight and public interaction to ensure our sculptures are not only beautiful, but are also as safe and effective as possible.
Fabrication of the Strat Brand Icon

Best-in-Class Fabrication

A great design is only as good as the team you have to build it. We are lucky to have some of the best fabricators and sculptors on our team. With over 30 years of experience, we can build what other teams think is impossible. We invite you to put us to the test with your next project!
Installation of the Strat Brand Icon

Innovative Logistic Solutions

When something as large as these branding icons is ready to be installed there are so many things to consider. Our team are experts in custom packing and shipping as well as large scale installations. We are one of the few art companies that can truly take you from start to finish.

Assembly Flutter Wall

Logan Hotel | Philadelphia, PA

Flutter Wall Brand Icon at Logan Hotel

Rising out of the historic Logan Square in the heart of Philadelphia is the iconic Logan Hotel. Sitting atop the the hotel is the Assembly Rooftop which offers hotel guests great food, drinks, and breathtaking panoramic views. Blue Tree Art was given the opportunity to fabricate and help install a one-of-a-kind brand icon to the rooftop that would be visible from much of the square while also providing up-close appeal since guests are able to walk up to the art piece. The final brand icon measured 20 feet by 7.5 feet and was made from hundreds of individual panels that flutter in the wind giving the appearance of wind on water.

The unique challenge for this project was getting a branding icon that size to the top of a hotel in the heart of a busy, historic square. Everything from a narrow install window to time constraints for on street parking all made this project a unique logistical project. Due to our unique background in taking on projects that were too complicated for other groups, we were able to complete the installation and now this beautiful work of art is able to catch the eyes of visitors throughout the square.

Installation is our Specialty

Close up of Flutter Wall Brand Icon
Close up of Flutter Wall Brand Icon

Red Rock Branding Icon

Red Rock Convention Center | Las Vegas, NV

Guest Registration Hanging Wall Art Installation

When is comes to fabricating and building original sculptures, Blue Tree Art in Las Vegas has the years of experience and the talented artists and fabricators necessary to take an original design or vision and bring it to life. For this commission our client designed the eye catching artwork and we were able to fabricate and install this unique piece of art above the registration desk at the Red Rock Convention Center.

Blue Tree Art are experts in planning and executing detailed installation logistics which allow us to interrupt our clients as little as possible while insuring a safe and successful install. With this project in particular, space constraints meant a single piece would not fit through some of the areas needed. We were able to fabricate the art in two pieces that allow for a final assembly that gives the appearance of one continuos piece.

From Our Shop to Your Location

Installed Hanging Wall Art at Red Rock Convention Guest Registration

Bellagio Standing Sculpture

Bellagio Hotel | Las Vegas, NV

Initial Design Sculpture for Belagio Standing Art

Our client reached out to us with the design for a unique sculpture to ordain one of MGM Resorts' lavish hallways in the Bellagio. As part of our process, we typically build scale models of designs that we receive and even build full-size proof of concepts to allow for any necessary or elective changes. This gives us an amazing amount of flexibility when it comes to the art that we produce.

With this particular project, once the client saw the full-size proof of concept, it was decided that the overall piece had too much of a serpentine look. After we gathered more feedback from the client, we were able to make some slight tweaks in the design that allowed us to still use most of the original design and yet create a whole different looking piece for the client.

Adaptive Design Process

Final Sculpture for the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Zephyr Periscope

Hotel Zephyr | San Francisco, CA

Standing 30-ft tall, the Zephyr Periscope in San Francisco, CA gives hotel guests live 180-degree views of the waterfront and landmarks like Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Zephyr Periscope had to not only look and work great, but there were several other considerations that went into the fabrication and installation. Being in the San Francisco Bay meant that the design needed to withstand the humid and salty marine environment while maintaining the ability to be easily operated. The final installation also meets all ADA requirements so this beautiful piece of art can be enjoyed by everyone!

How Tall is 30 Feet?

Tubular Ping Pong Table

Hotel Zephyr | San Francisco, CA

When our client came to us with the vision for the Hotel Zephyr's 8,000 sq. ft outdoor play area, we were very excited to help bring it to life. We knew that this table would need to be built to handle many years of daily use as well as the frequently wet San Francisco Bay weather.

The design for the Tubular Ping Pong Table is a fully functional, regulation sized ping pong table with a 360 degree surface and net to allow bouncing from all angles. The table itself is nine feet long with a diameter of four and a half feet. The finished table stands seven and a half feet tall and is made of completely waterproof foam, fiberglass, and hardcoat.

Built to last!

Giant Connect-Four

Hotel Zephyr | San Francisco, CA

Giant Connect Four Art Installation

When you initially think about creating a giant connect-four game, it might seem pretty straight forward however there are a lot of things that need to be considered if you want a game that everyone can enjoy. When we fabricate a unique design like this, we use a process that allows us to test things and discover any trouble areas early in the process. By doing this, not only do we save our clients money in the long run, but we also end up with a better, more thoughtful product.

With our giant connect-four project, some things that we had to take into consideration were how were the players going to reach the top to drop their pieces, were to store the pieces between games, and how to make the whole things waterproof. Our team fabricated and implemented a unique extension handle that allowed player to reach the top. We also built special stairs that double as storage for the pieces when they are not being used. And if you are curious about the waterproofing, our team are experts in making sure your art installations will last, even outdoors.

Art that's Hands On!

Kids Playing Giant Connect Four on Hotel Art Installation

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